October 3, 2012—JET application released

November 14, 2012—JET application submitted

November 21, 2012—JET applications due

January 29, 2013—JET interviews announced

February 21, 2013—JET interview

April 2, 2013 —JET results released—alternate status :(

May 21, 2013—Interac interview

May 27, 2013—First ABC Plus interview

June 5, 2013—Second ABC Plus interview

June 9, 2013—Job offer!

June 15, 2013—Bought flight ticket!

June 18, 2013—Certificate of Eligibility issued

July 11, 2013—Certificate of Eligibility arrived via post

July 22, 2013—Mailed applications for visa and IDP

July 29, 2013—IDP arrived

August 2, 2013—Visa arrived

August 19, 2013—Submitted Letter of Resignation at current job

August 31, 2013—Goodbye party for one side of the family

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